Rental Policy

1. Coastal Tent Rental LLC will be hereinafter be referred to as CTR in this rental policy.

2. Customer is responsible for procuring all permits and event insurance prior to event set up start.

3. Cancellation Policy; There is a fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit required to reserve equipment.

4. In the event customer cancels reservation, notice of cancellation must be received in writing by CTR a minimum of seventy two (72) hours prior to delivery. If such notice is given, customer will not be held responsible for the remaining fifty percent (50%) balance due on reservation. In the event customer issues cancellation notice zero (0) to seventy-two (72) hours prior to delivery date and time, customer will be required to pay balance in full.

5. Any loss or damage to rental equipment during customer’s event is the sole financial responsibility of the customer. Customer will be charged accordingly based on current replacement cost of equipment.

6. CTR does not grant permission to the customer to use any type of application of crepe paper, crepe paper streamers, paper lanterns, stickers, tape, Velcro, staples, adhesive, or any other method of decoration or attachment to any equipment used for the customers event unless agreed to in writing by CTR on the rental contract. Any evidence or damage resulting in application of the aforementioned devices or similar devices will result in cleaning and/or replacement cost(s) on the final invoice. Said costs are the financial responsibility of the customer.

7. Fabric leg drapes and “to the floor” fabric table coverings may be used on floored areas only, not where they may be sitting in dirt or grass.

8. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to locate, mark, and identify all underground utilities prior to tent installation and to notify CTR in writing of said locations.

9. Confirmation of equipment and quantities delivered and picked up are the responsibility of the customer.

10. All equipment is to remain at the event site unless otherwise noted and arranged for per the rental agreement. In the event all equipment is not at the site at the agreed upon pick-up time, there will be a fee accessed for extra labor and travel required to retrieve the equipment.

11. Payment is due per the terms listed in the rental agreement.

12. Normal delivery is fifty (50) feet from the closest vehicle access, at ground level unless otherwise noted in rental agreement. There may be an extra fee incurred by the customer should the distance be greater than fifty (50) feet from the truck to the delivery site.

13. If the delivery site is not prepared and ready for CTR’s crew as indicated and agreed to by CTR and customer on the rental contract, a minimum charge of seventy-five dollars and no one hundred ($75.00) will be accessed for the first hour. Each subsequent hour that the site remains unprepared by customer or customer’s representative, will incur the same charge per additional hour.

14. Customer acknowledges a charge will be accessed for the actual set-up and take-down of tables and chairs.

15. In the event the agreed upon terms for payment agreed to in the Rental Agreement are not met by the customer, customer shall be responsible for paying any and all expenses and fees incurred by CTR; including but not limited to charges from collection agencies and/or legal firms, as well as the invoice total.

16. Customer agrees to vacate tent and surrounding areas of tent if wind and, or wind gust reach or exceed 45 miles per hour.
These high wind conditions can create hazardous conditions and all people and valuables shall be removed from tent setup area.

17. Customer agrees that all chair rental usage shall be limited to 200 pounds per chair. Customer also agrees to be fully responsible for any damages for unreasonable and misuse of chairs and any other rental equipment.

18. Customer agrees to care for all Tables, Chairs, and all other rental equipment that would be damaged from rain and/or irrigation water.

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